Scotland’s drinks sector grappling with minutiae of upcoming Deposit Return Scheme

With less than a year to go, drinks producers, retailers and wholesalers in Scotland are still trying to iron out the detail of the new drinks container recycling scheme due to come into force on August 16th 2023.  One producer told FFD the launch of Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) felt like “the train is in … Read more

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Dark Woods Coffee delivers 6kg re-usable cans to B2B customers

The 6kg cans can be used at least 10 times and are 100% recyclable

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Time on their side: Paxton & Whitfield’s new ageing facility shows how Britain’s oldest cheesemonger is evolving

A kid in a sweet shop is nothing compared to a cheesemonger in a maturing room. Paxton & Whitfield’s quality manager Jazz Reeves is clearly enjoying herself immensely as she moves among the shelves in one of company’s new ageing rooms, sampling the truckles and wheels with a deft twist of her cheese iron. She … Read more

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