Posted: 28/03/2020

The Camden Grocer delivers

The Camden Grocer has quickly evolved from deli to grocery store, and have started providing a brand new delivery and online ordering service. They have a range of fresh produce, bread, cheese and dairy as well as a selection of beers, wines and spirits.

Matt Bunch – The Camden Grocer
“You are able to offer a more rewarding shopping experience than going to a supermarket right now. They are overcrowded, people don’t feel safe, they are struggling with stockpiling and huge demand on them so physically can’t stock shelves quickly enough which escalates the panic of people not being able to get what they want/ seeing swathes of empty shelves. By offering a friendly, local service, you can deliver direct to people’s doors with a smile on your face and reassure people that they can get the food that they want and need right now. It’s a much more personal approach and a real comfort to get basic food you need delivered straight to your door.”

“With this set to last for at least the next 3 weeks (likely longer) it really gives people chance to make new habits and change the way they shop for food. Hopefully in future people won’t be so reliant on supermarkets, they’ll be more informed about local, independent offerings and hopefully they’ll remember the experience they had during this time. Their local shop supporting the community. The community will remember that you were there to help them when they needed you and hopefully will continue to use your service and want to support you on the other side.”

They are offering a 30% discount for key workers off their shopping too. Find out more at the online shop here

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