Posted: 27/02/2015

The Courtyard Dairy runs competition to christen ‘cheese with no name’

CourtYard Dairy Cheese with no name
Jointly created by Hadyn Roberts (ex-Neal’s Yard Creamery) and The Courtyard Dairy, the cheese is yet to be named

Award-winning cheese shop The Courtyard Dairy has teamed up with one of Britain’s best cheese-makers to develop a new goats’ cheese, and is now asking the general public to give it a name.

Currently sold in the North Yorkshire shop as ‘the cheese with no name’, the raw milk goats’ cheese is made by Haydn Roberts, who worked for many years at Neal’s Yard Creamery in Herefordshire, making goats’ cheeses such as Ragstone and Dorstone.

He left in 2013 to set up on his own and developed the new cheese with Courtyard’s owner Andy Swinscoe over the space of a year, renting production space at Lightwood Cheese in Worcester.

The pair have struggled to come up with a name for the cheese, so Swinscoe decided to launch a competition, asking people to suggest names, with the winner receiving a three month subscription to the Courtyard Dairy’s cheese delivery service.

“It’s a bit of fun that will hopefully engage people,” said Swinscoe. “They can choose any name they like, but I don’t want another ‘saint’. We’ve already got lots of great cheeses named after saints.”

The ‘cheese with no name’ is slowly set over 24 hours or more and has a thin, undulating, natural yeast rind. It is light and fresh, with a soft creaminess and delicate, herby finish.
Swinscoe won the Cheese Counter of the Year and the Cheesemonger of the Year titles at the World Cheese Awards in 2013.

The naming competition runs until the end of the April and suggestions can be emailed to:

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