Posted: 22/09/2016

The Fine Cheese Co launches Stichelton toasts

The new Stichelton toasts from The Fine Cheese Co
The new Stichelton Toast from The Fine Cheese Co

The Fine Cheese Co has collaborated with Stichelton cheesemaker Joe Schneider to create a new line for its Toasts range.

Stichelton Toast combines the unpasteurised British blue cheese with buttermilk, sesame seeds, lemon juice and seasoning.

“We have a product that will build on Stichelton’s fame and reputation,” said Ann-Marie Dyas, co-founder of The Fine Cheese Co.

“The people at The Fine Cheese Co. are fun to work with and the business is cool, so obviously when we started the collaboration process of developing Stichelton Toast, we were hoping it would make us cooler by association,” said Joe Schneider.

The product is available to order now. Each pack has an RRP of £3.25-£3.50.

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