Posted: 26/08/2021

The four key areas of wellbeing

Lucy Knight, of customer experience specialists Insight6 breaks down the four key areas affecting wellbeing.

From an employer’s perspective, the word wellbeing can be scary – it’s a massive topic, and they don’t know where to start. What they need to do is break it down into the four key areas, which are: 

Mental: How are you doing and how are you coping? This is the one which people are thinking about most right now.

Physical: Health & fitness bleeds into wellbeing in more ways than we might imagine. If you’re asking people to repeatedly perform physically demanding tasks, or even something like climbing the stairs repeatedly, are you performing a risk assessment? Are you really looking after people? If not, they may sense this and not feel valued.

Social: One of the biggest challenges of last year was that feeling of isolation. Even those still going into work could be feeling isolated due to restrictions on proximity. Things like staff socials or nights out may seem like an extra, but really they are essential. Especially when you’re working in a high-pressure environment. You need to nurture those connections with and among your team.

Financial: How financially secure are people feeling and is there anything you can do to help? This is often the trickiest area for employers as they will have already set the wage or salary. However, if your staff are feeling financially insecure, you should take the opportunity to consider whether they are being paid enough to live on and do some calculations.

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