Posted: 24/10/2019

“The next generation are going to put pressure on retailers. No to flying stuff, no to unnecessary packaging and yes to ethical sourcing.”

View from HQ

I’VE BEEN HIGH a lot recently. No, not hitting hardcore drugs to avoid World Cheese licence tension, but in the sky. In a plane. Milan, Oviedo and Lisbon. 

And what have I noticed? These flights are rammed. You cannot get another hand-luggage case in the overhead locker. 

Nor can you get a seat in the airport at the obligatory Pret, although you could if you fancied Caviar House. (Does anyone eat at those? How do they stay in business?).

Air travel is busier than I’ve ever known it and yet Greta Thunberg and the climate change collective are as vocal as ever. The message ain’t getting through, is it? 

Greta gets it, though. As does my 15-year-old daughter, who recently managed to inhale a drawing pin, well a push pin (plastic end) if we’re being precise. No, not more hardcore drugs, but a genuine accident. 

Really quite scary as it headed toward her lung and, consequently, she was rushed into Addenbrooke’s (brilliant establishment). The whole p-incident lasted 36 hours, plus a few days recovering at home.  

When did we know she was right again? That teenage angst re-emerged – “What has the older generation done to our planet?” – clearly sympathising with and motivated by the young Swede. 

The line from our cherub that closed the heated discussion/debate/argument (depending on your perspective) was this gem: “My grandparents fought for us in World War II and we’re now fighting for the planet because of our grandparents.” Accepting the slight generational error there, she makes a poetic point. 

The next generation are going to put pressure on the nation’s retailers. No to flying in stuff, no to unnecessary packaging, no to dirty food and yes to ethical sourcing. And they mean it, I’ve heard it. 

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