Posted: 25/04/2019

The secret to award-winning shops is in the details…

Feedback from our expert judges reveals those retail details where crucial points are won and lost.

Piped dreams

Quirky, preferably upbeat piped music – gypsy jazz, wartime swing, early rock ’n’ roll – can give your store a unique atmosphere, especially if it’s tied to the décor. Just be careful with the volume.

Everything has its price

But is that reflected on your shelves? Don’t make shoppers queue at the till or flag down an assistant just to ask a price – especially for dearer items like gin. Most won’t bother.

Home front

Be bold in promoting products made in-house. They offer uniqueness – and bigger margins.

That’s the badger 

Make sure every staffer is wearing a name badge – some shoppers like to know names before they’re strike up a convo. (It also makes poor customer service a bit harder to hide.)

Compiled from feedback by retail experts and Insight6 mystery shoppers on visits to shortlisted stores in the Guild of Fine Food’s Shop of the Year competition. Visit for details.

This story appeared in the April issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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