Posted: 10/05/2022

Three new salsas from The Bay Tree spice up a range of summer recipes

With the barbecue and picnicking seasons rapidly approaching, Westcountry producer The Bay Tree is launching three salsas with differing levels of spice and heat that can be used in a variety of ways to enliven summer menus.

More than simply being used as dips, these salsas can also be poured over chicken strips or pasta in an oven-proof dish for a delicious bake.

The Mild Salsa is a thick and rich red salsa with tomato, sweet peppers and onions. It is sweet, sharp and has a mild chilli warmth. Perfect with nachos or as a pizza topping, it can also be used to liven up grilled chicken or with minced beef as the base for a mild chilli. Alternatively, try it in a pasta bake served with fresh salad and garlic bread.

The Hot Tomato Salsa also uses tomato, sweet peppers and onions but delivers more bite thanks to its real chilli warmth. Great on burgers and fabulous with fajitas, this makes a perfect accompaniment for other Mexican-inspired dishes such as quesadillas and tacos. For a spicy chicken bake, pour the hot salsa over four chicken breasts and bake in the oven before serving with rice and corn on the cob.

Completing the new range is Hot & Smoky Tomato Salsa. This comprises a rich, darkly coloured tomato sauce with a smoky chipotle flavour. The hot-fruity chipotle is balanced by zest from the lime and a coriander note, which gives it an authentic flavour of Mexico. Suggested uses include smearing in wraps with barbecued chicken or lamb and fresh salad. It also makes a perfect filling for calzone, a great condiment for hot dogs and a delicious marinade for pork chops. To make a tasty Hunters chicken, wrap four chicken breasts in smoked bacon and pour over the Hot & Smokey Tomato Salsa. Bake in the oven until cooked through.

All three of The Bay Tree’s new salsas come in 290g jars. Delivered in cases of six, priced at £14.40, the unit cost is £2.40 and the RRP is £3.60.

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