Posted: 30/05/2019

Tony Rodd – My Magic Ingredient

Chef and MasterChef 2015 finalist Tony Rodd extolls the virtues of Proper Nutty’s peanut butter.

This is a grown-up peanut butter from Proper Nutty. Made with nothing but the good stuff; peanuts. Slightly savoury, deliciously salty, naturally sweet, and of course, nutty.  I’ll start my day with a thick layer of its crunchy goodness over a wedge of toasted sourdough licked with fresh farmyard butter.

But my love for this spread doesn’t end there. As partner to someone intolerant to gluten, I often make our own sauces, and my gluten-free hoisin is particularly special.  With a mixture of tamari, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, honey for sweetness, chilli for kick and a generous helping of Proper Nutty, this is a great homemade alternative to a shop bought sauce. I mix mine with confit duck legs wrapped in a steamed cabbage leaf and serve it with wild rice and loquats. Delicious!

My favourite though is straight into the pot with a teaspoon and a glass of milk! 

Tony bought his from Garsons Farm Shop in Esher, Surrey.

This story appeared in the May issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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