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School of Fine Food – Training Update

We are working on our schedule of training dates for the year ahead, but at the moment we have no fixed dates confirmed as our current training offering is still venue based. We hope to be launching an online offering in the not too distant future. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive updates on training dates when they are available, please email to ensure you’ll be amongst the first to know.

Academy of Cheese Level 2 (Member)

(Looking to start your cheese education? Click here for Level 1)

The epic journey towards Master of Cheese status continues with Level 2 of the Academy of Cheese.

Available to students who have completed Level 1, the Guild of Fine Food’s two-day course will go much deeper into the world of cheese, building on the Academy’s Make and Post-Make Model and the Structured Approach to Tasting.

There will be a practical session to learn more about the cheesemaking process, as well as tastings throughout both days as students expand the 25 cheeses introduced in Level 1 to have in-depth knowledge of 100 different cheeses from around the world.

Other key topics include maturing and grading, cheese history and how to match cheese with drinks and accompaniments, plus essential information on buying and distribution, good practice and presentation.

Level 2 has been designed for cheese industry professionals, from cheesemakers and retailers to distributors, chefs and restaurant staff, to advance their learning and expertise. The course is also aimed at members of the public who want to delve much deeper beneath the rind and expand their understanding of all aspects of cheese.

Students that successfully complete the course and exam will be among a select few in the country to be Members of the Academy of Cheese.

The Guild of Fine Food, which is the first training provider to offer the Level 2 course, is a founding patron of the Academy of Cheese. The not-for-profit organisation is establishing a cheese qualification on four levels to promote cheese knowledge and provide career development, both within the industry and amongst the wider public. It culminates in the highly qualified and industry accredited role of Master of Cheese.

Academy of Cheese Level Two is a two day course covering nine distinct areas:

The cheesemaking process
An in-depth look at ingredients and production techniques

Maturing, Affinage and Grading
Evaluate the ripeness and maturity of a range of cheeses and different effects and methods employed

Buying and Distribution
Recognise an appropriate range of cheeses for particular situations, review the types of supply chain and demonstrate and understanding profit and costs

Select the correct cheese tools to maintain appearance and recognise stock management systems

Understand why certain pairings work and classic cheese recipes, consumption guidelines and learn appropriate descriptors

Cheese industry knowledge
Develop an understanding of cheese’s evolution and emerging trends

Regulation and good practice
A close look at HACCP, the role of food enforcement officers, the role of food labelling and the main pathogens

You will use the Make Post Make Model to identify 100 cheeses

Assessment criteria
Undertaking Level Two requires 18-24 hours of classroom study and 54-72 hours of additional home study and there will be a short exam at the end of the course.

Why do it?
This two day course and home study programme will enable you to:

  • Consolidate your professional understanding and enhance your career opportunities
  • Be more informed and equipped to share and implement your new-found knowledge in a range of settings
  • Be at the forefront of developments as one of the first delegates to undertake this internationally recognised accreditation

Requirements: Students must have completed and passed Academy of Cheese Level One (Associate) before progressing to Level Two

Typical timings: Two day course 09:30 – 17:00 (both days)

Cost: £595

Venue: Guild of Fine Food / School of Fine Food, 42 Southwark Street, London SE1 1UN

For more information, please contact or call +44 (0) 1747 825200.






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