Posted: 05/03/2018

Tunisian delicacies enter UK market following US success

TunisianAfter enjoying success in the US and Europe over the last 27 years, a range of gourmet Tunisian products from Moulins Mahjoub will be launching in UK via Mediterranean specialities distributor, The Artisan Olive Oil Company.

The range includes the producer’s olives, preserves, condiments, jams, chutneys, several harissas, m’hamsa couscous (RRP £6, 500g), and Shak-Shuka – a mix of onions, tomatoes, peppers and Tunisian spices traditionally served with fish, chicken or mixed with eggs for brunch (RRP £3.90, 200g).

Commenting on the launch, general manager of Moulins Mahjoub Abdelmajid Mahjoub said: “We decided to enter the UK market as we felt its convergence towards the values of Moulins Mahjoub’s to create authentic taste with the best organic produce from our own estate.”

“We hope to offer a new, subtle and Southern take on Mediterranean cuisine,” he added.

Also among its Tunisian offering is the producer’s range of gourmet tomato-based cooking sauces (RRP £4.50 per 340g jar, serves 4), named after four villages in the Medjerda valley, in Northern Tunisia

Each variety is prepared with extra virgin olive oil, regional spices and various vegetables grown on Moulins Mahjoub estate: Testour (artichokes, pickled lemons), Tebourba (artichokes, harissa, black olives), Teboursouk (green olives, pickled lemon, capers) and Tibar (harissa, capers).

The range is recommended for use with pasta, rice, cooked with eggs, mixed with ricotta or poured over the producer’s m’hamsa couscous.

“Following its remarkable commercial success in the US, we see significant potential for Moulins Mahjoub in the UK,” said founder of The Artisan Olive Oil Company, Yacine Amor.

“It offers a highly attractive offering with versatile delicatessen, combining exceptional taste, honest ingredients and responsible farming.”

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