Posted: 17/06/2015

Turkish coffee producer targets UK deli sales with special blend

Özerlat Mozaik Turkish coffee
Özerlat has developed its Mozaik Turkish coffee blend to appeal to modern tastes

A Northern Cyprus coffee producer is hoping to tap into the growing trend for stronger premium coffees by launching a traditional Turkish coffee blended especially for the UK market.

North Nicosia-based coffee specialist Özerlat wants to broaden the appeal  of Turkish-style coffee – very finely ground coffee that is brewed slowly on the hob using a special pot or ‘cezve’, and drunk strong, unfiltered and foaming –in the UK.

This style of coffee is currently available in the UK at a small number of speciality retailers, Middle Eastern and Turkish markets, but Özerlat is targeting sales primarily in delis and fine food retailers.

It has developed Mozaik, a finely ground blend of three different Arabica beans from South America that are usually used in espresso blends, specially for the UK market and will be launching at Taste of London this month.

UK director Iley Özerlat-Gunduz told FFD that Turkish coffee had a very particular style in terms of blending, roasting and grinding beans and that the Mozaik blend combined the authenticity of traditional Turkish-style coffees with a modern flavour more consistent with coffees widely consumed in the UK.

“Our aim was to create a Turkish coffee inspired by the flavour of espresso that can be enjoyed as a Turkish coffee,” she said. “We needed a blend that bridged tradition with the way that people drink coffee today.”

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