Posted: 12/09/2019

Waitrose extends trial of Unpacked concept

Waitrose’s anti-plastic trial at one of its Oxford branches appears to have passed its first hurdle after the supermarket chain said it was rolling out the trial to three other stores.

The chain’s “Unpacked” pilot at the Botley Road store was earmarked to end on 18th August but the company has decided to continue it, as well as roll it out to stores in Cheltenham, this month, and Abingdon and Wallingford (both in Oxfordshire) in November.

Waitrose removed the packaging from more than 200 lines in the store and sought customer feedback on various aspects of the format. 

The new stores in the trial will have a dedicated refillable zone, including dispensers for dried products, frozen pick & mix, coffee, wine and beer refills, as well as Ecover detergent and washing-up liquid refillables. 

More than 7,000 customers gave feedback on the trial and Tor Harris, head of corporate social responsibility, said Waitrose now had the confidence that they were prepared to change the way they shopped.

“We are keen to take the Unpacked concept forward and these additional tests will help us achieve this as well as understand its commercial viability,” he said. 

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