Posted: 29/08/2019

Want to be a Shop of the Year winner? – August’s tips

Feedback from our expert judges reveals those retail details where crucial points are won and lost.


For the real cheese aficionados, a packed counter is a joy to behold. For the more nervous customer it can be baffling and intimidating – hence the popularity of grab-and-go. Help your shoppers ‘read’ your counter with clear labelling and a structured, well signposted layout that your staff can easily explain.

Parmesan pastry tarts with spinach,hot smoked salmon and cucumber salad, make a delicious appetiser.


Let your team get creative with buffet or finger food ideas, drawing on products from all round the shop. Showcase them to customers through tastings, and promote party platters with a tight range of price and product options that suit what you want to sell.


Using gloves, tongs or greaseproof consistently when handling loose fresh foods is respectful to the product and will reassure shoppers about hygiene, even if it looks a bit over-the-top. (Saying “’scuse fingers” is never a good look.)

This story appeared in the August issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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