Posted: 23/09/2019

Want to be a Shop of the Year winner? – September’s tips

Feedback from our expert judges reveals those retail details where crucial points are won and lost…

Rosy parkers?

Bumpy damaged concrete road, destroyed parking lot surface

What does your car park say about you? If the tarmac is in bits or it’s littered with broken pallets, waste cardboard or weeds it’s doing you no favours. It’s the first and last thing many of your visitors will see, so take advantage of a slow morning to get out there with a pressure hose and do some outdoor housekeeping.

Moveable feasts

Wish you had more space for seasonal displays or hosting events? Why not make some of your “fixtures” a bit less fixed, and incorporate moveable shelving and island units into your shop layout.

Aberdeen’s Foodstory Café has shelves on casters in its upstairs eco-shop, which can be slid aside to clear the floor for evening events.

Audrey Popov

Stop and stair

Shop interiors aren’t all about shelves and serveovers. Take a minute to look into the less obvious corners, like staircases to upstairs loos, and make sure they reflect well on your brand. 

Weed out weak links

Friendly, knowledgeable and personable staff are crucial. Angry, argumentative or sulky staff drag your whole business down. So focus management time on the “weakest link” who may be costing you repeat business.

This story appeared in the September issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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