Posted: 28/06/2019

Want to be a Shop of the Year winner? 

Feedback from our expert judges reveals those retail details where crucial points are won and lost

Give ’em a clue

You may understand the logic of your shop layout, but do your customers? Use signage and merchandising to make each section clear, especially where tall fixtures make it hard to see where to find what. And – short-term gondola-end promotions aside – keep stuff where shoppers expect to find it. It’s a shopping trip, not an Easter Egg hunt.

Keep up to date

Keep websites current or take down old info on your events. Avoid two-year-old ‘news’, abandoned blogs and long-forgotten events, and – like Suffolk Food Hall’s page (pictured above) – be sure to showcase everything you’ve got lined up for next two or three months. If it’s on the schedule, shout about it.

Be rasher

If you have a butchery counter, try to push boundaries with prepared lines and meal solutions. It’s another section where ease and convenience of cooking are key, so ideas like Blacker Hall farm shop’s ready-to-cook Yorkshire Fettle, Chicken & Ricotta Roast can bring home the bacon.

This story appeared in the June issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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