Posted: 21/03/2019

Why smiley staff and shiny windows make award-winning shops

Every month in FFD, the Guild gives feedback from its Shop of the Year judges on what makes a winning deli or farm shop – from a friendly welcome to sparkling windows.

Work that Windolene

If eyes are the windows of the soul, windows are the… er… windows of your shop. Release your inner George Formby and get that glass gleaming, inside and out. It’s a cheap, easy to way to create a better first impression.

Open door policy

Display opening times clearly on doors and online, and make sure they are reliable. If someone drives 15 miles to find you’ve closed early, they won’t do it again.

Be neighbourly

Advertise local groups and events alongside your own to help create a sense of community, but make sure signage and leaflets are clean, tidy and up to date.

Give ’em a grin

Acknowledge customers with a friendly ‘hello’ as soon as they arrive. In visits by Insight6 mystery shoppers, some waited more than five minutes for as much as a smile. Stores like Delifonseca – pictured here, and voted best deli in Shop of the Year 2018 – show how it should be done.

• Compiled from feedback by retail experts and Insight6 mystery shoppers on visits to shortlisted stores in the Guild of Fine Food’s Shop of the Year competition. Visit for details.

This story appeared in the March issue of Fine Food Digest. Read more on the digital edition hereand find more retail tips in the Guild Talk section each month.


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