Posted: 08/04/2020

Weekly live cheese tasting launched by Academy of Cheese on YouTube

“Tuesday night is cheese night,” declared Charlie Turnbull as he began the inaugural Academy of Cheese tasting broadcast, Tuesday Night Cheese Night, on Tuesday 7th April at 8pm.

The well-known deli owner turned online entrepreneur hosted an educational cheese tasting evening live on YouTube from his spare bedroom to “have a bit of fun” during the COVID-19 crisis.

Speaking to FFD, Turnbull said: “In this weird coronavirus world, we only had the idea the week before, and now we’re going to go live.”

He said the ‘cheesecast’ was being advertised to Academy of Cheese members this week, but that it would be publicised more widely the following Tuesday. “We’re hoping to become the Joe Wicks of cheese,” said Turnbull.

Viewers tuned in from Hong Kong to California and South Africa to West Sussex to taste and talk cheddar. “We thought we’d go for something everyone would have in their fridge for the first week,” said Turnbull.

Glass of wine in hand, Turnbull brought a bit of light relief to lockdown with his upbeat exploration of Britain’s most popular cheese.

Returning next week with “something gooey” – soft, mould-ripened cheeses – Turnbull and the Academy have vowed that Tuesday Night Cheese Night will be going on until at least the end of the coronavirus crisis.

Tuesday Night Cheese Night will be hosted every Tuesday night at 8pm on the Academy of Cheese YouTube channel.

If you missed the first Tuesday Night Cheese Night, you can catch up here.

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