Posted: 15/09/2020

What you can say when marketing organic food

What you can say when marketing organic food

The Soil Association’s Organic September campaign is already in full swing but there’s always room to improve your marketing. The certification body’s business development director Clare McDermott outlines retailers’ angles for promotion and engaging with customers.

Better for the planet

Organic farming is a holistic system that works with, rather than against, natural systems. Because they avoid fertilisers and use less energy, organic farms have lower emissions and are helping in the fight against climate change.

Sustainable is an appealing word to most consumers and organic products fit the billing in a variety of ways – from farmers encouraging ecological diversity on their land to their prioritising of local resources over imported ones.

…Better for soil

Further to that point, organic farming is based on nourishing the soil. Instead of using artificial fertilisers, organic farmers look after their soils using manure, compost, ‘cover crops’ and crop rotations. Preserving the soil and its nutrients means we can keep growing food for everyone.

…Better for wildlife

COVID-19 has fostered an increasing appreciation for nature in consumers, so organic should pique their interest given that organic farms are a safer haven for plants, mammals and insects. Less chemicals also means cleaner waterways and oceans.

…Better for animal welfare

And the livestock reared on organic farms lead good lives too. All animals are free-range and they’re fed entirely naturally diets. Soil Association certified farms have the highest standards for animal welfare in the UK.

…food you can trust

For a food product to be labelled as organic, every organisation working up and down its supply chain – from farmers and packers to food processors and organic retailers – have to meet organic standards and prove it to a certification body. The Soil Association certifies over 70% of organic food in the UK, meaning when you see our symbol you can be sure what you eat has been produced to a standard you can trust.

For full guidance, download the Soil Association’s free guide here.

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