Posted: 21/05/2019

What’s trending – The food & drink keep an eye on in May

 Canned wine While traditionalists still defend the cork over screwcap, forward-thinking winemakers are capitalising on the current trend for canned wine. Oregon’s Underwood was one of the first adopters, canning its well-regarded Pinot Noir. Today we’re seeing newcomers like UK based Nice, as well as Napa heavyweight Larkin releasing its £10 per tin Larkan. Combined with a growing love of Rosé, expect to see canned wine coming to a fridge near you.

 Banana blossom As the realm of plant-based meat substitutes continues to expand, we’re seeing increasingly esoteric ingredients coming into play. The purple banana blossom is currently being utilised for a chunky texture that’s similar to firm, flaky fish. The Guardian reports that Sainsbury’s will be including the ingredient in a series of plant-based meals later this year.   

 Tinned seafood Preserved seafood is on the rise, with Bloomberg estimating the market for tinned fish to reach £2.8 billion by 2021. However, combined with an enthusiasm for Portuguese and Basque cuisine, everything from tinned mackerel to octopus and mussels is now appearing on menus in New York restaurants. Some Michelin-starred restaurateurs have also opened simplified high-end wine bars that serve up these ‘conservas’ as Continental gourmet bar snacks.

This story appeared in the May issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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