Posted: 23/04/2019

What’s trending – The food & drink to keep an eye on in April

 The katsu sando Built with white crustless bread, a breaded cutlet of pork or chicken, tonkatsu sauce and shredded white cabbage, this iconic Japanese sandwich is currently getting a swarm of foodies all hot under the collar. TaTa Eatery knocks out a stunning katsu sando, as does Nanban Express fronted by MasterChef winner Tim Anderson. There are also playful takes on this cult sarnie emerging, with Shoreditch’s Two Lights making a version with sardines. 

 Fully compostable packaging Although some packaging claims to be compostable, many have to be added to a commercial composter in order to fully break down. But some producers, like Two Farmers crisps, have invested in packaging that will decompose in a home composting environment in as little as 26 weeks. Similarly, Bad Hand Coffee use omnidegradable packs that will begin to break down when they come in to contact with microbes present in fresh water, salt water or landfill environments – a good option for those looking to stock sustainably.

 Micro-cocktails The Guardian recently highlighted how ‘micro-cocktails’ are becoming a popular premium drinks offering. From high-end bars, such as Cub and Every Cloud, through to casual high-street dining outfits like MeatLiquor, many establishments are offering miniature versions of classics like the martini in smaller glasses, with smaller prices. Less punchy than their full-size counterparts, these versions could change the way consumers look at the shot and short measure drinks, if they catch on.

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