Posted: 09/08/2019

What’s trending – The food & drink to keep an eye on in August

 Sea-cuterie A number of progressive chefs are coaxing interesting new flavours from seafood through curing and aging techniques. Tom Brown at Hackney’s Cornerstone is dabbling with aged monkfish, cod fat caramel and a swordfish bacon, while Josh Niland of Sydney’s St. Peter is a pioneer in nose-to-tail seafood. Techniques include creating a paste from fish eyes and creating black pudding from fish blood. Given that the Spanish cured tuna, mojama, continues to pop up in delis, there might also be potential for these kinds of products in the retail environment. 

 Malaysian cuisine As traders continue to push regional cuisines from across south east Asia, it was only a matter of time before Malaysia got its moment. Euston’s Roti King has been celebrated for its roti canai – a multi-layered, Indian-inspired flatbread served with a curry dhal. But since the Marina O’Loughlin review in the Guardian, this humble restaurant has exploded to the point where the owner Sugan Gopal has now opened Gopal’s Corner in Victoria – specialising in Tamil-Malay food including murtabak (a mince-filled roti) and kari laksa.

 Seitan Once the objectionable meat alternative found in dusty health food shops, seitan has undergone a makeover and is now leading the charge for vegan meat alternatives. At Club Mexicana, this rinsed and cooked wheat gluten is used to create a hedonistic fried ‘chick’n’ wing, while London’s Temple of Seitan bang out a wide variety of burgers and ‘fried chik’n’ pieces. As plant-based diets continue to dominate the media, this often-maligned ingredient may finally be having its day.

This story appeared in the August issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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