Posted: 04/02/2020

What’s trending – The food & drink to keep an eye on in February

Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is the name given to farming methods that prioritise soil health, which in turn helps to capture and store carbon in the ground. But as well as working to undo the detrimental effects of the climate crisis, regenerative ag also helps to increase biodiversity and protect farmland for the future. Chef favourite Natoora uses growers who utilise these methods, finding a happy medium of crop cover and livestock to manage pest control and prevent tilling. Patagonia’s food arm Patagonia Provisions is also big into this movement, with products using wild roaming buffalo (the pronged hooves promote healthy soils) and a beer made with a perennial grain called Kernza. At Devon’s Taw River Dairy,  techniques that build soil structure and organic matter have been embraced, cows rear their own calves, and bee hives are maintained to pollinate the wild herbs and grasses. 

Oat milk ice creams

As well as trumping almond, coconut and soya, as the most sustainable milk alternative, oat milk is the current favourite for non-dairy ice creams. Oatly recently launched three flavours of it’s ice cream in the UK to wide acclaim, as have Halo Top. Meanwhile, Brooklyn’s Van Leeuwen Ice Cream now has seven oat milk based flavours including earl grey and cookies, chocolate cookie dough crunch, and strawberry. For forward thinking retailers and producers, oat milk could prove a strong move for the warmer months ahead.

‘Extra’ cordials

The humble glass of ‘squash’ was taken to grown-up sophistication by the likes of Belvoir and Rocks, but recent newcomers are at it again, elevating cordials to intense, complex new highs. Urban Cordial gets a big eco-tick for utilising surplus fruits in its production, while Fiovana harnesses the flavours of superfruits like baobab, rosehips and goji berry – sweetened with stevia and apple juice concentrate. 

This story appeared in the January/February issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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