Posted: 12/07/2022

Wine brand Green Roots looks to offer sustainability in small packages

Green Roots is hoping that the familiarity of its initial range of wines will help consumers embrace its canned format – and achieve its goal of making the supply chain more sustainable.

The Planet Mark certified range recently launched by wine importer Las Bodegas features white, red and rosé options (all in 250ml cans with an RRP of £3.45), made from a blend of Spanish Syrah and Garnacha grapes for the red, another Spanish blend for the white and a French Syrah and Cinsault for the rosé.

Operations manager Alastair Coulthurst told FFD that Greens Roots had chosen these tried-and-tested wines, from established Las Bodegas suppliers, because many consumers were not used to wine in cans.

“We wanted to make sure that it’s a wine style that they’re familiar with, that is commercial in the UK, and importantly that is priced right,” he said, adding that the brand is already looking at expanding the range with organic wines and an Argentinian Malbec.

Available from wholesaler Diverse Fine Food, Green Roots is seeking more independent stockists, especially farm shops and delis, as it wants to work with suppliers that appreciate the quality of the product in the can.

“As a business, a lot of what we’ve done has been about taking control back,” Alistair said.

“This process enables us to retain almost total control of our production, of our brand and of our labelling. If we were to let this brand go into a supermarket, we could lose control very quickly. That’s not something we need to do.” 

“We would like to work with customers who share our passion and drive for sustainability.” 

While the cans themselves are recyclable, the format also offers a model for reducing the carbon footprint of wine and tackles wastage of the product itself by offering a smaller quantity.

“There’s a very clear connection between sustainability and recyclability, although they’re not the same thing, so consumer perception is obviously vital,” said Coulthurst.

All of Green Roots’ wine is transported in flexi-tanks and packaged in the UK, which Coulthurst said tackles the often-ignored environmental concern of shipping emissions.

Throughout its ranges, Las Bodegas seeks out responsible packaging, including 100% biodegradable labels made from sugarcane, 65%-recycled lightweight glass bottles, and 20 litre KeyKegs – as well as the fully recyclable, 100%-recycled cans used in the new launch. The company’s efforts are reaping kudos, as it has been nominated twice in the Global Good Awards 2022, for Las Bodegas’ sustainable supply chain and Green Roots’ bid to become a net-zero business.

Written by Tanwen Dawn-Hiscox

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