Posted: 01/09/2017

Womersley returns to its roots with new jam range

WomersleyFruit & herb vinegar producer Womersley has returned to its roots with the launch of a new range of jams.

Available in 250g jars, the range comes in three varieties which mirror the flavour combinations of Womersley’s Great Taste Award winning fruit & herb vinegars: strawberry & mint, raspberry & chilli, and blackcurrant & rosemary.

Yet, the company had started making jams before even thinking about vinegars, said owner Rupert Parsons.

“My mum always made jams and marmalades which my parents sold in their craft and food shop in the village of Womersley back in the 1970s,” said Parsons. “And they were always made using the fruit and herbs from the garden.”

Following the flavour profiles of its vinegars, Parsons says using herbs in the fruit jams offers a unique and quirky alternative to products already on the market, while still producing a great tasting product.

“The fruit is the most important part of the product and we found that using herbs like rosemary and mint, not only complimented the fruit, but makes it shine,” said Parsons.

The jams will also display new look packaging, incorporating a black label (a nod to his parents’ original recipes) with the same signature Womersley ‘W’ branding.

“We wanted to keep the designs and artwork the same as you see on our vinegars, but reverse it,” said Parsons. “From a retailer’s point of view, it’s good to have different looking products from the same brand in store.”

Available direct or via Fine Food Angel, the strawberry & mint and blackcurrant & rosemary products have a trade price of £2.03 with an RRP £3.49 per jar. While, the raspberry & chilli jam has a trade price of £2.32 and RRP of £3.99 to offer a 40% margin. The case size is packed in single flavours of six trays.

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