World Cheese Award Logos & Labels: fee structure and specifications

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World Cheese Award logo artwork is available to winners for promotional purposes. There may be a charge for the logo artwork depending on the company turnover and the logo request must come from the company that entered the awards. Artwork may only be used against a winning product and must display the correct award and year. Please see full Terms & Conditions of entry and Brand Guidelines for full details.

Company turnover (whole company, not individual brand(s))Cost for logo artwork
Turnover less than £1millionFree
Turnover between £1m – 5million£475 +VAT
Turnover more than £5million£1,750 +VAT
Member companies turning over less than £5million who were members
of the Guild of Fine Food on entering World Cheese Awards 2022
and whose membership remains current at the point of
ordering the logo artwork for the same year
Member companies with turnover over £5 million£1,750 +VAT

2022/23 Label specifications*

  • There are 1000 labels per roll
  • They are right hand leading
  • Each sticker is 25mm in diameter
  • The core size is 45mm.

*Please note that award labels for 2019/20 are 30mm in diameter.

*Labels can only be purchased through the Guild of Fine Food.

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