Posted: 02/05/2014

Yellison Farm goats’ cheese business continues under new owners

Sharron Parker Yellison FarmA North Yorkshire farming couple have taken over the award-winning Yellison Farm goats’ cheese brand, which went on the market following the death of founder Steve Akrigg before Christmas (FFD, Jan-Feb 2014).

Sharron (pictured) and Ed Parker have bought the entire Yellison Farm business, including its goats, milking equipment and cheese-making kit.

The operation has been moved from its former base at Carleton, near Skipton, to the Parkers’ Sire Bank Farm near Bradley.

It is continuing to make Akrigg’s two styles of cheese: a light, cream log and a soft, spreadable Scottish-style Crowdie.

“While it’s still early days, we have retained all existing customers and are meeting current order requirements,” said Sharron Parker.

Production has also been stepped up since the takeover. The Parkers are currently milking 72 goats – mainly Saanens and Anglo Nubians – to produce 600 litres of milk and 180kg of cheese per week.

There are plans to nearly double the herd and expand the cheese range, including a possible hard blue “similar to Stilton”.

Parker added that expanding into production of ice cream and beauty products, such as soap and shampoo, are also longer term goals.

Yellison Farm cheese is sold throughout the UK, with foodservice distributor Wellocks of Lomeshaye, Lancashire, delivering it to top-end clients including Gleneagles in Scotland and number of Michelin-starred restaurants.

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