Posted: 19/12/2013

Yorkshire Wensleydale wins EU protection after lengthy campaign

It has taken more than five years of lobbying but Yorkshire Wensleydale will now be guarded against imitators and misuse of its name after the EU awarded it Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

Under the terms of the PGI, this specific style of Wensleydale, which is crumblier and more denser than similar products, can only be made in the town of Hawes and the surrounding area.

The PGI seal will now be used on packaging of this cheese, which is produced by the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes. The creamery first lodged an application to protect the cheese in 2007.

Yorkshire Wensleydale joins other British cheeses, including Dorset Blue, Exmoor Blue and Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar, on the PGI list.

To qualify for a PGI seal (Protected Geographical Indication) a product “must be produced, processed or prepared within the a specified geographical area and have a reputation, features or certain qualities attributable to that area.”


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