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Henry Dimbleby launches VC fund to subsidise sustainable food businesses

Posted: 2 March 2024

By Greg Pitcher

Henry Dimbleby

Leon co-founder and former government food strategy tsar Henry Dimbleby has set up an investment firm for the sector targeting innovation and healthy outcomes.

Bramble Partners is also led by former Just Eat acquisitions chief Omar Habbal and one-time head of client strategy at employer branding firm Wiser Anya Claxton.

The new entity said on its LinkedIn page that it was “dedicated to supporting innovative food businesses and capturing a share of the value they create”.  

Habbal told FFD: “Bramble has three missions that will drive everything we do: reduce the environmental damage caused by food production systems; improve the health-span of people through better food consumption; and promote food security.  

“We want to invest in entrepreneurs and innovations that progress these issues and transition us to a sustainable food system.”

The investor is looking for models that demonstrate sustainable food production is good for business, he added.

“For fine food retailers, this means Bramble is a friend. We are actively investing in the food system winners of tomorrow and, in doing so, we are promoting new products and services for retailers to stock and share in the value created.  

“It seems as though fine food retailers are already conscious of changing customer habits and we welcome any support from the industry as we try to demonstrate why good food, produced well, can change the way we eat.” 

This article first appeared in the March 2024 edition of Fine Food Digest .