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The World Cheese Awards

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A truly global cheese event, World Cheese brings together cheesemakers, retailers, buyers and food commentators worldwide to judge over 4,000 cheeses from over 40 countries.

Taking place annually, the World Cheese Awards is hosted by different nations, working with the Guild of Fine Food to shine a light on local cheesemaking, food & drink tourism and culture.

World Cheese Awards tables of cheese for judging
World Cheese Awards 2024

Open for entry

Enter your cheese in the world's largest cheese only competition today.

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Judges at World Cheese Awards 2023
World Cheese Awards 2024

World Cheese Awards heads to Portugal

The world's largest cheese only competition will take place in Viseu, Portugal in November this year.

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Ole and Maren Gangstad, the owners of Gangstad Gårdsysteri holding the World Champion Cheese, Nidelven Blå
World Cheese Awards 2023

World Champion cheese announced

Gangstad Gårdsysteri triumphed with their blue cheese, Nidelven Blå, which was crowned winner of World Cheese Awards 2023.

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A judge at the World Cheese Awards
World Cheese Awards results

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WOrld cheese awards 2024

Enter your cheese

The World Cheese Awards 2024 is now open for entry. Find out more about entry requirements below and enter your cheese today.

Guild of Fine Food organises World Cheese Awards
Guild of Fine Food organises World Cheese Awards

Put your cheese in front of international experts

World Cheese Awards exists to encourage cheesemakers from across the globe, allowing them to present their cheese to an international body of experts, and often shining a light on small, artisan producers.

As an accreditation that assesses each cheese on its own merit, an award ensures your product stands out on crowded cheese counters, regardless of the size of your business. It can also provide motivation for your team, as well as increasing sales and brand awareness by showcasing it on an international world stage.

World Cheese Awards directs more focus and encouragement for artisan and farmhouse cheeses than any other competition by offering worldwide consolidated shipping points to assist cheesemakers with the logistics and cost of shipping their entries.

A judge assessing a cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2022

A judge assessing a cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2022

Key dates for next edition

13 June 2024
Open for entry

16 September 2024
Entry closes – OR before if capacity is reached

Early November 2024
Deliveries due to the consolidation points – exact delivery dates, delivery labels, addresses & instructions will be issued to entrants nearer the delivery date

14 November 2024
Cheese entries staged

15 November 2024
World Cheese Awards judging

15 – 17 November 2024
Cheese festival for consumers

16 November 2024
Results will be verified and published 24-48 hours after judging

18 November 2024
Trophy winners announced

Tasting a cheese at World Cheese Awards 2022

Tasting a cheese at World Cheese Awards 2022

Entry cost per cheese

company sizecost per product
Small business
(turnover less than £1m)
Medium business
(turnover between £1-5m)
Large business
(turnover more than £5m)
All costs exc. VAT.
World Cheese Awards cheese judging 2023

World Cheese Awards cheese judging 2023

World Cheese Awards Categories

Please read the categories list to check your cheese is eligible before making your entry.

World Cheese Awards 2023 judging table

World Cheese Awards 2023 judging table

Important note regarding eligibility:

Ensure you have read the Terms & conditions and categories list to check your cheese is eligible before you start. A sample entry form is also available to help you prepare the information needed.

Please note: eligibility of entries

The host country of the World Cheese Awards determines the import legislation for entries each year. It is likely that we will not be permitted to accept entries from all countries. The permitted list of countries will be published shortly, but as a guide, in 2023 we were not permitted to accept entries of cheeses from a select number of countries, including Bangladesh, Barbados, Ecuador, Georgia, Peru, Russia, Taiwan and Venezuela, and there are restrictions on more countries to determine whether raw cheeses can be entered. Please check back for updates.

A flavour wheel at the World Cheese Awards 2022

A flavour wheel at the World Cheese Awards 2022

WCA consolidated shipping points
WCA consolidated shipping points

Global delivery points

To ensure cheesemakers of all sizes from around the world have access to entry, the Guild of Fine Food supports producers with a network of free delivery points across six continents. Eighteen consolidated shipping points globally give entrants, however small, the chance to ship their cheeses to a local depot, with consolidated forwarding to the competition covered by the Guild of Fine Food.

The judging panel

The quality and balance of our judging panel gives the World Cheese Awards the credibility and trust that has been built up over 30 years. We work hard on the panel every year: last year, judges came from 38 countries – often supported with travel arrangements to make sure any barriers to attending were limited – and represented technologists, graders, retailers, journalists, buyers, chefs, producers and key industry professionals and influencers.

Every year, the judging panel is reconsidered, and every person assessed for what they bring to the overall group. There are many wonderful cheese professionals around the world who could bring their expertise to the panel and places are rotated for each edition. This ensures we achieve a balance of age, gender, and discipline within the dairy industry.

If you know of anyone you think would make a valuable addition to the judging panel, please get in touch.

World Cheese Awards 2023 judges
World Cheese Awards

Watch: What is the World Cheese Awards?

Available to view with Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian or English subtitles.

World Cheese Awards 2023 Judging
World Cheese Awards 2023 Judging

What happens if you win an award?

As well as our own campaigns we run through PR and the independent trade, we want you to be able to share your good news with everybody, whether online, on the shelves or in the local press.

These are some of the different ways we can help.

Supporting our winners

World Cheese Awards 2023
Branded collateral


Simple and quick ways to promote your award, without the expense of changing your packaging



World Cheese Awards 2023 Judging
Brand guidelines

Logo artwork

Logo artwork is available for all to download and it is completely free for our smaller entrants

Cheese counter display in a shop
Where to buy

Keep stockists up to date

Make sure everyone knows where to buy your product worldwide.  Looking for a stockist? Talk to us about an enhanced directory listing.

World Cheese Awards Certificates

Free downloadable certificates

All producers can download bespoke certificates to use on your social media, take to shows or frame for all to see

What our judges say

The World Cheese Awards is like the Super Bowl Championship for cheesemakers around the globe.

World Cheese Awards is a celebration of the skill of the cheesemaker, the provenance of the area in which the cheese is produced and ultimately the outstanding quality of
every aspect of the product itself

The World Cheese Awards, hosted by the Guild of Fine Food, is an incredible international cheese competition. It is an honour to be a judge at this prestigious

The World Cheese Awards is one of the important dates in my calendar each year. As well as being a great place to network and discuss the future of the industry, the
quality of products on show are always at the highest level, and the show itself is so well organised.

The World Cheese Awards is a unique opportunity, not only for the cheesemakers that take part in presenting their product for the whole world, but also for the judges to taste and uncover so many new cheese innovations in one place. For me, WCA is the most important cheese trendsetter, which is currently number one on a global scale!

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