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World Cheese Awards Entry Categories

Last updated June 2024

Please note:
You can only enter your cheese in one category. However it is permitted to enter the same cheese more than once, provided the age profiles are different, e.g. Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months and Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months. Cheeses are judged based on their own merit and not compared to others in the same category. Categories are
intended for operational purposes only and organisers reserve the right to move your cheese into a different category for operational purposes. This will not affect your results or chance of being awarded. Where relevant, age profile refers to maturation at the time of judging.

5001 Soft goats’ milk cheese (fresh)
5002 Soft goats’ milk cheese (mould-ripened)
5003 Semi-hard goats’ milk cheese
5004 Hard goats’ milk cheese
5005 Goats’ milk cheese with additives
5006 Blue goats’ milk cheese
5007 Smoked goats’ milk cheese
5010 Soft washed-rind goats’ milk cheese
5011 Semi-hard washed-rind goats’ milk
5012 Hard washed-rind goats’ milk cheese

5101 Soft ewes’ milk cheese
5102 Semi-hard ewes’ milk cheese
5103 Hard ewes’ milk cheese
5104 Smoked ewes’ milk cheese
5105 Ewes’ milk cheese with additives
5106 Blue ewes’ milk cheese
5107 Manchego PDO
5109 Idiazabal PDO
5110 Pecorino PDO
5113 Soft washed-rind ewes’ milk cheese
5114 Semi-hard washed-rind ewes’ milk
5115 Hard washed-rind ewes’ milk cheese

5225 Double Gloucester
5226 Leicester
5227 Caerphilly
5228 Lancashire (all varieties)
5230 Wensleydale
5231 Cheshire
5232 Parmigiano Reggiano PDO (18-23
5233 Parmigiano Reggiano PDO (24-29
5234 Parmigiano Reggiano PDO (30-39
5235 Parmigiano Reggiano PDO (40+
5236 Grana Padano PDO (< 18 months)
5237 Grana Padano PDO (18+ months)
5238 Provolone PDO
5240 Emmental
5242 Gruyère AOP (< 9 months)
5243 Gruyère AOP (9+ months)
5245 Gouda (< 9 months)
5246 Gouda (9+ months)
5247 Semi-hard cows’ milk cheese
5248 Hard cows’ milk cheese
5250 Smoked cows’ milk cheese
5253 Comté PDO (< 9 months)
5254 Comté PDO (9+ months)
5260 Mild block Cheddar
5261 Medium block Cheddar
5262 Mature block Cheddar
5263 Extra-mature block Cheddar
5264 Mild traditional (shape) Cheddar
5265 Medium traditional (shape) Cheddar
5266 Mature traditional (shape) Cheddar
5267 Extra-mature traditional (shape) Cheddar
5268 West Country Farmhouse Cheddar PDO
5302 Soft cows’ milk cheese (fresh)
5306 Mozzarella (cows’ milk)
5309 Brie (de Meux or de Melun PDO)
5311 Camembert de Normandie PDO
5319 Burrata (cows’ milk)
5320 Soft washed-rind cows’ milk cheese
5321 Semi-hard washed-rind cows’ milk
5322 Hard washed-rind cows’ milk cheese
5323 Soft cows’ milk cheese (mould-ripened)
5405 Gorgonzola PDO
5410 Soft blue cows’ milk cheese
5411 Semi-hard blue cows’ milk cheese
5412 Hard blue cows’ milk cheese
5413 Blue Stilton PDO
5414 White Stilton PDO
5415 Stilton with additives
5603 Processed cows’ milk cheese
5605 Hard pressed or repressed cows’ milk
cheese with additives
5608 Soft or unpressed cows’ milk cheese
with additives
5611 Fresh cows’ milk cheese with additives

5801 Cheese made with the milk of more
than one anima
5815 Feta PDO (ewes’ milk or goat &
ewes’ milk)

5701 Mozzarella di Bufala
5702 Soft buffalo milk cheese (fresh)
5703 Soft buffalo milk cheese (mould-ripened)
5704 Semi-hard buffalo milk cheese
5705 Hard buffalo milk cheese
5706 Buffalo milk cheese with additives
5707 Blue buffalo milk cheese


Cheeses that are produced in a ‘style of’ should not be entered into PDO or AOP categories and should instead be entered into the general category most closely related to the type of cheese, e.g. soft cows’ milk cheese (fresh).