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School Yard Kitchen rebrands, expands range and seeks listings

Posted: 5 July 2024

By Tanwen Dawn-Hiscox

School Yard Kitchen Pretzel Pack Shot

Glasgow-based School Yard Kitchen is seeking stockists as it adds more products to its recently redesigned range.

The social entreprise, whose profits fund sustainable development projects in Scotland and Ghana, launched in 2017 with its Dark Chocolate Chilli Pretzels (RRP £4.95 per 130g). 

It now makes a range of condiments, hot sauces, oils, jams and spice mixes and bean-to-bar chocolate. It buys both chillies and cocoa directly from Ghanian producers.

“They provide the chillies, we provide a direct route to market and a guaranteed sale and a fair price in return,” Sarah Christie told FFD. “We ask that no kids are ever removed from education to work on the farms.” 

“We’ve been very, very lucky to be able to keep that direct relationship with the farmers, rather than going through the mainstream route, where you don’t really have contact with them.”

Originally called ‘School Yard Chillies’, the producer changed its name to better reflect the broader range of products. 

“The Schoolyard part is about keeping people in education. That’s what our main goal is, but we found the name a little bit limiting”, given that it plans to keep introducing new products.

The latest addition of chocolate, the cocoa for which comes from the only Organic and Fairtrade certified farms in Ghana, are two dark, 54.4% bars (Lime, Chilli & Sea Salt; Pretzel & Chilli) and two white ones, with Raspberry & Spirulina and Pink Peppercorn. RRP, £2.65 per 60g. 

After moving to a larger production site, taking on a team of chocolatiers and redesigning its packaging, the company is treating this time as a new beginning of sorts.

“Now we’re really looking for stockists,” Christie said. “The production is on point, so now we want to get our name out there and make relationships with retailers, wholesalers and potential clients.”

More NPD could also follow – hot honey and ketchup are on the cards, as are collaborations with other likeminded brands.

This article first appeared in the July 2024 edition of Fine Food Digest .