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Tempus Foods

Weybridge KT13 0YF - View map

Meticulously spiced, award-winning charcuterie made from single breed pigs and ex-dairy cattle. A delicious joint venture between 2011 Masterchef runner up Tom Whitaker and 2010 Masterchef winner Dhruv Baker.

Award-winning products

King Peter Ham

Achari Salami

Tempus Number 8

Tempus Chorizo

Spiced Coppa

British Bresaola

Chestnut smoked coppa

House Salami

Achari Salami

Tempus ex-dairy air-dried beef

Tempus chestnut smoked coppa

Tempus Deli fennel and black pepper salami

Tempus No. 8

Tempus Deli rosemary bresaola

Tempus Spiced Coppa

King Peter Ham

Tempus Achari Spiced Salami

Tempus Truffle Salami

Tempus Hand-Cut Salami

Tempus Chestnut Smoked Coppa

Tempus Air-Dried Beef

Tempus House Salami

Tempus No. 8

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