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DeJong Cheese

Alphen 5131 RC - View map

Established 1995, we have been producing the tastiest Alphenaer cheeses, according to traditional recipes, with our master cheese markers at DeJong Cheese. Our exclusive Alphenaer brand as well as private labels are available in a wide selection of flavours, weights, shapes and sizes to give our customers the best possible service. The range includes our specialties Goats Brie, Fresh and Ripened goats cheese, Goats cheese slices, Crumbled goats cheese, Spreadable goats cheese and IQF cheeses.

Award-winning products

Alphenaer Fresh goats cheese Natural

Alphenaer Brie

Alphenaer Goats MiniBrie Natural

Alphenaer Goats Brie Natural

Alphenaer Goats Brie Fenugreek

Alphenaer Ripened Goats Cheese Truffle

Alphenaer Crumbled Goats Cheese Natural

Alphenaer Spreadable Goats Cheese Natural

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