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Bo Tree Farm

Perth PH2 9HN - View map

BoTree is a family owned seasoning producer of 100% organic, single-source kampot pepper and seasoning products.

Award-winning products

Noble Sweet Paprika

Szegedi 178 Hot Paprika

BoTree Herb de Kampot

BoTree Salted Pepper Berries

Grenada Gold Nutmeg

Caribbean Bay Leaf

BoTree Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper

BoTree Kampot Pepper White 90g

BoTree Morogoro Cacao 40g

BoTree King Caraway Seeds 45g

BoTree Cloud Forest Cardamom 40g

BoTree Purple Stripe Garlic 50g

BoTree True Star Anise Summer Harvest 20g

BoTree Kampot Pepper Red 90g

BoTree Pemba Cloves 40g

BoTree Wild Mountain Cumin 50g

BoTree Wild Icelandic Kelp 50g

BoTree Kampot Pepper Black 90g

BoTree Cured Sumac 50g

BoTree Ground Black Lime 50g

BoTree Herati Saffron 2g

BoTree New Harvest Turmeric 50g

BoTree Nile Coriander Seeds 30g

BoTree Smoked Pimenton Paprika 50g

BoTree Buffalo Ginger 50g

BoTree Black Urfa Chilli Flakes 50g

BoTree Royal Cinnamon 50g

BoTree Silk Chilli Flakes 50g

BoTree Turkish Oregano Buds 15g

BoTree Palmyra Flower Sugar 250g

BoTree Cobanero Chilli Flakes 30g

BoTree Red Salted Pepper Berries 100g

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