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Bean Brothers Coffee Company

Huddersfield HD1 3DX - View map

The Bean Brothers Coffee Company was created to control the quality and consistency of the raw product that the two brothers were serving up at their own retail outlet, Huddersfield's premier specialty coffee shop - Coffeevolution. Twenty years later the shop itself stands as a testament to the brothers determination and tenacity, it is still run as a family business to this day.

Award-winning products

Rwanda Sake Farm - womens washing station

Captain's Grog - Rum marinated Guatamalan coffee beans

Derek's Darkside - Seasonal Espresso

Stocking Filter

Bernard - Seasonal Espresso

Red Gold - Costa Rican Espresso

Captain's Grog - Rum marinated Guatamalan coffee beans

'Derek' Seasonal Espresso

'Captains Grog' Rum marinated coffee beans

Derek's Darkside

Captain's Grog

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