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La Tua Pasta Ltd.

London NW10 7XT - View map

La Tua Pasta is a family-run business and London based producer of artisan fresh pasta of the finest quality. They produce a range of more than 200 varieties of pasta shapes and fillings.

Award-winning products

Handmade Tortelloni Pumpkin & Ricotta

Ravioli filled with Pea & Shallots Vegan

Pappardelle Wildfarmed

Tagliatelle Egg Pasta

Artisan Black Truffle & Ricotta Tortelloni

Handmade Pumpkin & Ricotta Tortelloni

Egg Tagliatelle

Handmade Braised Wild Boar Tortelloni

Handmade Spinach & Ricotta Tortelloni

Egg Ravioli filled with Spinach & Ricotta

Handmade Nduja & Mascarpone Tortelloni

Egg Ravioli filled with Braised Beef

Handmade Tortelloni Asparagus & Ricotta

Egg Ravioli filled with Four Cheese

Ragu di Agnello - Lamb Romanesco Ragu

Handmade Black Truffle & Ricotta Tortelloni

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