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Sharpham Partnership Ltd.

Totnes TQ9 7UT - View map

Cheesemaking at Sharpham is founded on a few simple guiding principles, which are as important now as they were in the 1970s. Making is done by hand using traditional methods, using only the best local ingredients. Firmly rooted in the Devon landscape, it’s very much a family affair.

Award-winning products

Ticklemore Cheese

Sharpham Cremet

Sharpham Brie

Sharpham Brie

Sharpham Bramley apple and hunts wobbler cider chutney

Sharpham Cremet

Sharpham Ticklemore

Sharpham camembert

Sharpham Rustic Chive & Garlic

Sharpham Camembert

Sharpham Savour

Sharpham Washbourne

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