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Windmill Organics Ltd.

Kingston upon Thames KT1 4ER - View map

Over 40 years ago, Noel and Donata founded Windmill Wholefoods, one of London’s first organic restaurants. This became Windmill Organics, the UK’s first 100% organic company. It is now home to six leading organic brands: Biona, Amisa, RAW, Profusion, Bonsan and BioFair. Its aim for the next 5 years is to increase its organic farmed land to 20,000 acres.

Award-winning products

Biona Organic Chopped Tomatoes

Biona Organic Tart Cherry Juice

Biona Organic Coconut Cream

Biona Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Biona Organic Spelt Asia Noodles

Biona Organic Avocado Oil Cold Pressed

Bonsan Organic Beetroot & Horseradish Pate

Amisa Organic Protein Lentil Crispbread

Amisa Organic Pure Porridge Oats

Amisa Organic Quinoa Fibre Plus Crispbread

Amisa Organic French Style Classic Baguette

Amisa Organic Four Grain Porridge

Biona Organic Rye Bread - Chia & Flax

Biona Organic Cider Vinegar with the Mother

Bonsan Organic Vegan Worcester Sauce

Biona Organic Cashew Butter

Biona Organic Pumpernickel Bread

Biona Organic Agave Syrup - Light

Bonsan Organic Mylk Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

Raw Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bonsan Organic Cashew Bell Pepper Pate

Biona Organic Dark Cocoa Spread

Profusion Organic Maca Coconut Pineapple Kombucha

Biona Organic Butter Beans

Biona Organic Black Beans

Biona Organic Rye Bread

Biona Organic Lemon Juice

Biona Organic Falafel with Sesame & Mint

Biona Organic Worcester Sauce

Biona Organic Wholegrain Black Venus Rice

RAW Vibrant Living Organic Tropical Forest Honey

Biona Organic Date Syrup

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