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Biltong and Jerky Boss

Eton Wick SL4 6QY - View map

A unique business committed to producing high quality, healthy and authentic meat snack products. Biltong and Jerky Boss are constantly innovating to make sure their product range is both exciting and market leading. Combining premium ingredients with high quality beef from British and Irish cattle, they create an unforgettable taste. With a desire to enrich people’s lives and experiences, supporting customers by offering a healthy alternative to modern mass-produced and often unhealthy snacks.

Award-winning products

Volcano Boss Biltong

Traditional Boss Biltong

Chilli Beef Biltong

Sweet Chilli/Sweet Hot Beef Jerky

Traditional Boss Biltong

Volcano Boss Biltong

Chilli and Garlic Droewors

Smokey Ghost Biltong

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