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Dampney's Remarkable Drinks

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The Dampney family have been sharing hipflasks of homemade Sloe Gin for generations. Based on this tried and tested recipe a new selection of flavours were crafted. Whole fruit, sugar and spirit, sourced as locally to the South Downs as possible, combined with the final ingredient; time, has produced a standout range of liqueurs. With a passion for exploring the unusual you will find drinks that will get the taste buds tingling. Jonti Dampney

Award-winning products

Elegant Elderflower Gin Liqueur

Dampney's Sloe Gin Liqueur

Dampney's Rustic Rhubarb Gin Liqueur

Remarkable Raspberry Gin Liqueur

Dampney's Damson Gin Liqueur

Dampney's Glorious Gooseberry Gin Liqueur

Dampney's Remarkable Raspberry Rum Liqueur

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