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Laiteries H. Triballat

Rians 18220 - View map

Rooted in the Rians village since 1901(center of France), the H. Triballat Creamery initially became well known thanks to its cottage cheese (Faisselle). Over the years, the creamery acquired several regional cheese producers, to offer a wide range of DOP cheeses and local terroir specialties in more than 40 countries, mainly under the Rians, Picandine and Germain brands.

Award-winning products

Langres AOP

Epoisses AOP

Le Roulé Cranberry

Le Roulé Pineapple


Affiné au Chablis

Epoisses PDO

Le Roulé Garlic & Herbs


Langres PDO


Epoisses PDO Sélection affineur

Picandou spreadable honey

Langres PDO Sélection affineur

Le Pico

L'Affiné au Chablis

Triple Crème

Picandou L'Original

Le Roulé Garlic & Herbs

Époisses PDO Sélection Affineur

Le Roulé Pineapple

Le Roulé Cranberry

Cabécou du Périgord

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