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The Organic Plantmilk Company Ltd t/a ReRooted Organic

Totnes TQ9 5XL - View map

The Organic Plantmilk started off making plantmilks for Earth.Food.Love, their local zero waste shop. There small side project soon took on a life of its own, as hundreds of households, cafes, and shops were crying out for fresh plantmilk without the waste. They deliver across Devon, Cornwall, Bristol, Bath, and nationwide with a little help from Riverford Organic.

Award-winning products

ReRooted Organic Oat Plantmilk

ReRooted Oat Barista Plantmilk

ReRooted Organic Almond Plantmilk

ReRooted Organic Cashew Plantmilk

ReRooted Organic Cold Brew Oat Latte Plantmilk

ReRooted Organic Coconut Plantmilk

ReRooted Organic Hazelnut Plantmilk

Organic Oat Plantmilk

Organic Almond Plantmilk

Organic Hazelnut Plantmilk

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