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Baliehof Kaas en Zuivelboerderij Jabbeke

Jabbeke 8490 - View map

Baliehof in Jabbeke Belgium is a small fam with home made fresh products as Yoghurt and White Cheese and desserts and production of 30 different cheeses : mostly type Gouda young and older till 3 years, nature and herbs and added beers, fatt and less fatt, Brie and abbaye cheese. The whole family works on farm and cheese.

Award-winning products

Baliehof Houtlandse Asche kaas

Baliehof Oud 3 jaar

Baliehof Belegen natuur

Baliehof Arnoldus beer 3 kg

Baliehof Oud 1 jaar

Baliehof Steentje gewassen korst 2 kg

Baliehof Belegen met Pesto

Baliehof Volle Plattekaas

Baliehof Oud 2 jaar

Baliehof Permeke

Baliehof Belegen

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