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Elsa Group (Mifroma)

Ursy 1670 - View map

Mifroma, Maîtres Fromagers Suisses Our mission is to bring the best of the Swiss cheesemaking tradition to tables around the world, using unique process of selection, maturation, packaging and distribution. Overseen by our experts, the maîtres fromagers. Mifroma specializes in cheeses from Switzerland. We work with maîtres fromagers, artisans with expertise in both the century-old art of cheese making and innovative production technologies, to select the very best wheels of cheese.

Award-winning products

Halbhartkäse Simmental;;Simmental Switzerland

Gruyère Suisse AOP 14 months MIFROMA;;Echarlens

Gruyère AOP Suisse 18 months MIFROMA;;Rossens

Appenzellerin Elegant MIFROMA;;Käserei Degersheim

Bündner echter Bergkäse Alpenkräuter 5 months;;Sennaria Surselva

Gruyère Suisse AOP 9 months MIFROMA;;Pont-la-Ville

Gruyère Suisse AOP 11 months Cavern MIFROMA;;Corcelle-le-Jorat

Emmentaler Suisse AOP 18 months MIFROMA;Fromagerie de montagne d’Oberei

Appenzeller 7 months MIFROMA;;Käserei Gomiswala

Brigand du Jorat 6 months MIFROMA;;Saint-Cierges

Simmental 8-12 months;;Simmental Switzerland

Emmentaler Suisse AOP 11 months Cavern MIFROMA;;Fromagerie de Guntershausen

Appenzeller Gold MIFROMA;;Käserei Wägni

Alpenhorn MIFROMA;;Säntisblick à Schwellbrunn

Bündner echter Bergkäse Cremig;;Sennaria Surselva

Mifroma Gruyère AOP Echarlens

Gruyère AOP Cavern 11 months - Pont-la-Ville

Le sapin

Le Roi du Vignoble

Mifroma-Emmentaler AOP 18 months Cave d'Or

Mifroma Gruyère AOP Auboranges

Mifroma Gruyère AOP Bémont

Gruyère AOP Cavern Tentlingen

Gruyère AOP Cavern Corcelles

Gruyère AOP Cavern 11 months - Ursy

Gruyère AOP Cavern 11 months - Rossens

Gruyère AOP Surchoix 9 months - Corcelles

Gruyère AOP Surchoix 9 months - Ursy

Nagugold 6 moths

Black Cheese

Mifroma Emmentaler AOP 11 months Cavern

Mifroma Gruyère AOP Pont-la-Ville

Gruyère AOP Cavern 11 months - Vuisternens

Gruyère AOP Cavern 11 months - Echarlens

Gruyère AOP Cave d'Or 14 months- Rossens

Gruyère AOP Surchoix 9 months - Farvagny

Gruyère AOP Surchoix 9 months - Pont-la-Ville

Appenzeller Cavern

Brigand du Jorat


Le Merlottino

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