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Delicioso UK Ltd.

Wallingford OX10 7LN - View map

An extensive range of Spanish products from hams and charcuterie, cheeses, pates, salsas, olives and olive oils to biscuits and confectionery, wines, kitchenware and food gifts.

Award-winning products

Can Bech Rose Petal Jelly

Can Bech Confit Figs

Paul & Pippa 'Lady Carrot Cake' Vegan Biscuits

Paul & Pippa 'Me and Ma' Apple & Cinnamon Vegan Biscuits

Torre de Nunez Serrano Reserva Ham Slices

Torre de Nunez Serrano Chorizo Slices

Delicioso Tortas de Almendras Olive Oil Biscuits from Seville

Delicioso Salsa Brava: Smoked Tomato and Pepper Salsa

Delicioso Tortas de Aceite Sugared Olive Oil Biscuits from Seville

Cudie 'Gaudi' Hazelnut Catanies

Cudie Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Catanies

Delicioso Seville Orange Tortas

Delicioso Picos: Mini Breadsticks

Pujado Solano Boquerones

Pujado Solano Salted Anchovies

Simon Coll Hot Chocolate Powder with Cinnamon

Cudie Yogulate Catanies

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