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Madjeston milk station

Gillingham SP8 5JQ - View map

Madjeston Milk station, est. 2018, is a vending machine ‘shop’ located on our small family farm in Gillingham, Dorset. Open 24/7, our customers can dispense their own fresh unhomogenised, pasteurised milk and double cream from our pedigree Ayrshire herd in reusable glass bottles. Our cows are grass-fed and free range. We also sell a selection of our home-made dairy based products including fudge, ice-cream and milkshakes along with other local goodies like honey, eggs and charcutier.

Award-winning products

Dorset Strained Yoghurt – Fat Free

The Dorset Dairy Co
Sturminster Newton DT10 2RT

Pasteurised Unhomogenised Whole Milk

Madjeston milk station
Gillingham SP8 5JQ

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