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Salt reduction among Parma Ham’s raft of production tweaks

Posted: 1 October 2023

By Michael Lane

Parma Ham
Parma ham has been conducting production tweaks

The Parma Ham Consortium says it has taken a step towards creating a more healthconscious product by focusing on reducing salt content as part of a number of revisions to the production process.

The body that governs and regulates the PDO ham’s production and promotion has lowered the salt content limit from 6.2% to 6%, without affecting quality.

Additionally, it has increased the required minimum curing period from 12 to 14 months to maintain quality across its producers. The Date of Minimum Durability for pre-sliced packs has also been extended.

Among other new measures, the consortium has redefined the list of permitted genetic types of pigs for its PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) production circuit.

All potential new genetic types seeking admission will undergo rigorous eligibility evaluations.

This article first appeared in the October-November 2023 edition of Fine Food Digest.