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Rustle Chips seeks stockists for ‘restaurant-quality’ crisps

Posted: 8 April 2024

By Tanwen Dawn-Hiscox

Rustle Chips triple stack

Newcomer to the gourmet snack game Rustle Chips has its sights set on fine food retail to make a name for its range of flavoured crisps. 

The brand was thought up by Julian Dyer, founder of dessert company Pots & Co and of Phil Howard’s pasta brand turned restaurant, Notto.

The crisps are made in small batches in Croatia using Opal and Lady Claire potatoes, with 100% sunflower oil. They are fried at a low temperature, which is said to preserve flavour, colour and texture. 

The Ugly Truffle and The Sweet Pepper variants were recently joined by a third flavour, The Green Chilli, and all are available in 28g, 50g, and 150g bags. 

The Ugly Truffle is made with powdered wild foraged mushrooms from Istria in Croatia; the Sweet Pepper is flavoured with Hungarian paprika, while the Green Chilli is made with jalapeño peppers. 

When he created Rustle Chips, Dyer told FFD, he set out to deliver a restaurant-quality product in a retail setting. 

“I wanted to make something that had the crunch of the kettle crisp, but also tasted really special – to keep the originality of the potato and the flavouring, sold under a British brand.”

As well as gaining traction for its striking packaging, Dyer said the brand had got new stockists – Ocado, Comesto and independent retailers such as Panzer’s, Dartington Estate and Runwell Farm Shop, as well as listings in Sweden,  Iceland and Mexico – thanks to tastings.

“I don’t expect retailers to take existing lines down, but just try them. Everyone who tries them  agrees that they are special.”

The multiples, however, are off the cards.

“I did supermarkets with Pots & Co, but if someone wants to pay me below what these are worth, I’m just not interested. I want them to be sold in places that respect good food.”

A fourth, Himalayan Salt flavour will follow later this year, with limited edition flavours in the pipeline.

This article first appeared in the April 2024 edition of Fine Food Digest .