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Deli Retailing Code of Practice

Protection for your business

Developed by the Guild of Fine Food and technical food specialists at Cornwall Council, the Deli Retailing Code of Practice is split into three main sections: Food Safety Essentials, Good Hygiene Practices and Trading Standards.  It is intended as a one-stop reference guide for deli businesses and provides guidance to ensure that both compliance and best practice standards can be achieved.

Guild of Fine Food retail members are automatically opted in to the Primary Authority scheme at no extra cost. Following advice on the code will give businesses a level of protection if processes and procedures are challenged by their EHO or local inspecting authority. Primary Authority advice is shared among local authorities across England and Wales and their enforcement officers are required to bear that advice in mind when carrying out inspections, making it an invaluable asset to your business.

Members also have access to advice specific for their business and the Guild of Fine Food’s Code of Practice committee meets regularly to review latest practice advice and legislation and revise the Deli Code of Practice with Cornwall Council if required.

Any independent deli can buy a copy of the code, but will only benefit from Primary Authority protection if they are an opted-in Guild of Fine Food member. Opt-in is automatic and at no extra cost.

The Deli Retailing Code of Practice is free for Guild of Fine Food members and is available in PDF format. If you are a member, it can be requested by emailing [email protected].

Non-members can also email to request to purchase the Deli Retailing Code of Practice PDF for £250+VAT, but will not be covered by the Primary Authority protection.

Are you a charcuterie producer looking for advice?

We also have a Charcuterie Code of Practice, developed by the Guild of Fine Food in association with Cornwall Council.